Many service professionals have customer data they'd like to import into mHelpDesk. CSV (Comma Separated Value) is a common file format for importing this type of data. This type of file is available from applications like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and QuickBooks. If you have a CSV file, you can import it into your mHelpDesk account with the steps below.

Before you import:
Your file should be in a "tab delimited" format (this is a type of CSV) with your customers' name in the left column. Also, the file should have the column headers provided below in the top row of the file. You should include all columns, even if they are blank.

A Customer CSV Template can be downloaded under People > Customers > select the downward facing arrow attached to the +Add button > Download Customer CSV Template

  1. Customer Name
  2. ContactFirstName
  3. ContactLastName
  4. Address1
  5. Address2
  6. City
  7. State
  8. Zip
  9. CountryCode
  10. PrimaryPhone
  11. SecondaryPhone
  12. Fax
  13. Email
  14. Notes
  15. CustomerType
  16. AdCampaign
  17. CustomerTerms
  18. Tax
  19. TaxRate
  20. ContactEmail

Now that the CSV file is formatted for import, here's how you will add it to your mHelpDesk account.

  1. Login to the mHelpDesk web application > People > Customers > select the downward facing arrow attached to the +Add button >  Import Customer CSV   Note: you must be an admin to access this part of the application.

2. Click in the empty field, which will pull up your computer's files. Find the file you would like to import and click Select. After you have confirmed this is the right file, click Next.

3. On the Mapping Fields screen (screenshot C), check that the boxes have the correct information and click Save.

The confirmation screen will appear when the import begins.(Screenshot D)

4. The import will run in the background, and you can continue to use your account. A confirmation email will be sent to notify you when the import is complete.
5. Once you receive the confirmation email, refresh your mHelpDesk account and all of your customers from the import will now be in your account!

*Please note that there is an import limit of 3,000 customers per CSV file.*

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