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Custom Fields

Learn how to add and use custom fields

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Need to capture additional or customized information on your jobs? Then custom fields are perfect for you!

Let's set it up!

First go to Settings > Customize > Custom Fields (screenshot A)

Click on +Add (screenshot B)

On the Add Custom Field screen, you can choose what you'd like to call your custom field and how you'd like it to work! (screenshot C)

The Group dropdown list (1) is used to specify which group of custom fields you would like this field to be added to.
The Custom Field text field (2) is where you will indicate what you'd like to name your custom field.

Field Type (3) lets you choose what type of field you're creating. These types include Text, List, Yes/No, Checkbox, Date, Encrypted, and ReadOnly.
​NOTE: Once the field has been created, you will not be able to change the field type.

Required (4) allows you to indicate whether or not this field is required for the person creating the job ticket.

Show to Customers (5) allows you to share this field and/or its contents with your customers using our different website integration options.

Show on Printed PDF/HTML (6) lets you specify if you'd like this field and/or its contents to appear on any customer-facing documents.

Press Save when you are done making your changes!

When you've created your field, the software will ask you which job forms you'd like to add it to! (screenshot D) Select one or several job types, then press Save.

NOTE: This step will not occur if you do not have Custom Forms turned on in your mHelpDesk account.

Let's see it in action!

In a job on the web application, select the "Type" dropdown. (screenshot E)

Once you select the job type, scroll to the section right above the Files at the bottom of the job ticket. (screenshot F)

Press Save!

To view these fields in the mobile app, open up any job, then tap on the section that contains the name of that job. (screenshot G)

From here, you can view and update your job custom fields. Don't forget to press Save! (Screenshot H)

You're now well on your way to managing your data and organizing your jobs using mHelpDesk!

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