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Sub-items in Your Price List
Sub-items in Your Price List
Organize your price list in mHelpDesk using sub-items
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What are Sub-items?

  • Sub-items are items in the price list which are listed “under” another item.

  • Use Sub-items to categorize items and keep your price list better organized.

For Example:

How to Create Sub-items

  1. Click Settings > Price List

  2. Click +Add, or select an item

  3. Select the ‘Parent item’ from the Subitem Of field

Here’s how the item called ‘Wooden Table’ appears on the Edit Item page:

Here’s how it appears on the Price List page:

Note: mHelpDesk is capable of handling up to four additional ‘tiers’ of Sub-items. However, we typically recommend that you avoid using more than two if possible.

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