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Reusable Item Types
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Service - These items in mHelpDesk track time. If your company provides a service that is billed per hour, you'll want to create your item as a Service type. You can also use the Job Timer on a Service type item to track non-billable time, such as time spent traveling to a service location.

Product - Use this item to track inventory for products that you purchase and resell, or to track materials used for a specific Job. You'll be able to track the number of a specific item you have on hand, what your reorder point is, and profit margin.

Other Charge - This item type can be used for just about everything else. If you charge a flat fee for your services you'll want to create them as an Other Charge type. 

Other Charge % - These items will add a surcharge in the form of a percentage. For example, you can plug a late fee into your Invoice as an Other Charge %.

Discount - Applies a flat discount to your Invoice. For example, a "$10 off" coupon.

Discount % - Applies a percentage discount to your Invoice. For example, a Military discount!

Group - Allows you to quickly add several items to your Invoice at once. Click here to learn more about Group items!

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