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How to Create an Estimate
How to Create an Estimate

The basics of creating estimates, quotes, or proposals

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The first step to winning a customers business is to provide them with professional, easy to read estimates. The instructions below will walk you through how to make this extremely easy using mHelpDesk. 

From your mHelpDesk dashboard click Estimates located on the Left Navigation Panel as shown in screenshot A

Then click where it says "Add Estimate" as shown in Screenshot B

After clicking "Add Estimate" you will then have the option to create a new customer by clicking on "Add Customer" or you can search for a customer you have already worked with in the past. (See Screenshot C for what it will look like)

Once you have selected the customer, Select "Add Item" as shown in Screenshot D to begin building the estimate

To begin selecting items from your price list click the drop down box next to where it says "Name" (Screenshot E) If you have not downloaded a price list click here to learn how or click here to learn how to add Items individually

Once an item from the price list has been chosen, you can edit any information for that item. Screenshot F shows what it looks like with a line item is chosen from the price list. 

Fields to note in Screenshot F:
Name - Refers to the name of the item on the price list.
Quantity - Refers to the number of units you are charging the customer for. (Acres, square feet, hours worked etc.)
Description - Written out description of the services to be provided.
Cost - How much it will cost YOU to complete that portion of the job.
Rate - How much you are charging the customer.
Tax - Here is where you can make the item taxable or not.

Click "Save" in the bottom right corner to save the item to the Estimate.
Add as many items as necessary to complete your estimate. Screenshot G shows an example of what your estimates could look like. 

Each estimate is can be personalized for your company and can include your logo and terms and conditions. To see more types of Estimates, Click here to visit our template Library.

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