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Adding Files to an Estimate
Adding Files to an Estimate

Add photos, pdfs or other documents to your quote

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You can add various files (photos, contracts, etc.) to you estimates in mHelpDesk to give your customers more information about the job you're quoting to them. This will make you look more professional and improve your chances of landing the job.

Here is how you can add files to your estimates in mHelpDesk:

1.   From the mHelpDesk dashboard, select Estimates from the left navigation panel

2.  Create a new estimate, or select an existing estimate 

3. Under "Files", click + Add 

4. Click Share this File with Customer if you would like the customer to be able to view the file that you're attaching

5. Click Select to choose the file you want to attach to the estimate

6. Select the file you would like to attach, and click Open

7. Click Save to save the file to the estimate

8. Check the files section to make sure your file has uploaded

That's it! You can select multiple files and file types in order to create a clear and professional estimate for your customer.

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