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Attach Photos to Estimates (mobile app)
Attach Photos to Estimates (mobile app)

Attach a photo from your mobile device to your estimates

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One tip to creating a winning estimate or quote: show photos of your best work to help win over potential customers! 

mHelpDesk now lets you quickly and easily attach photos to estimates directly within the mobile app to send high quality estimates, even when you're still on the job site. 

To attach a photo to an estimate:

1. Navigate to your estimates in the mHelpDesk mobile app

2. Select an estimate you have already created or build a new one 

3. Scroll down the estimate and click on Files & Photos

4. Select  + Add photos

5. At this point you can choose to take a new picture by selecting  Take photo, OR choose a photo you have already taken by selecting  Choose from gallery.

That's it! Attaching photos to estimates has never been easier. You can now easily show off work you have done in the past or any other images that will help you close the sale.

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