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Adding a PAID Stamp to Invoices
Adding a PAID Stamp to Invoices
Stamp invoices as PAID after collecting payment
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It's helpful to provide their customers with receipts or proof of payment after an invoice has been processed. mHelpDesk customers can now digitally stamp invoices as "PAID" once a payment as been received, and use that as the receipt. 

To turn this feature on, follow the directions below:

1. Log into your mHelpDesk account, and use the left navigation panel to select Settings

2. Under the "Customize" section select Templates

3. Choose the third option Invoice PDF

4. Click at the top of the page where it says Header

5. Scroll down the page and select the box that says Show PAID stamp

7. Scroll down to click Save

Here is an example of the "PAID" stamp on an Invoice

**IMPORTANT** The status of the invoice must be "PAID" for the paid stamp to show on the invoice.

Check it out today - providing your customers with a PAID invoice copy helps to improve customer communication and leave your customers happy.

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