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Sync with QuickBooks Desktop

Sync with QB Desktop for US based users

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Long hours of the dreaded double data entry are over! Our 2 way sync with QuickBooks allows you to bring information into your mHelpDesk account with an import. Follow below to link your mHelpDesk account to your QuickBooks account.

1. From the left navigation panel, click on Settings

2. Select Add Ons

3. Turn on Sync With QuickBooks Desktop

4. Go back to Settings, under Other, click QuickBooks Import 

5. Open your Quickbooks Desktop, and:
     -     have the company file open and running in the background
     -     must be logged in as the admin and in single-user mode

6. Open the sync page by following the directions below
     -     In a separate window go to
     -     Click Connect to QuickBooks Now to download the installer
     -     Open the downloaded file (should appear in taskbar at bottom of computer                    screen) 

7. Authorize access to QuickBooks and click OK

8. Select the third option to enable the sync to happen whenever QuickBooks is open. Click on QuickBooks to see this window

9. Confirm access by selecting Done

10. Enter your mHelpDesk password in the Web Connector

11. Save your password (recommended)

12. Select your mHelpDesk account using the checkmark on the left, and click Update Selected

13. Open sync page by following below
     -     Go to to view the sync log and configure settings as              necessary.

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