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Create and Edit Job Statuses
Create and Edit Job Statuses

Easily create and update jobs to a customized status

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Keeping track of technicians' progress on jobs improves communication with the rest of the team as well as with customers. mHelpDesk's customized job statuses allow you to create new job statuses to reflect your specific business processes.ย 

Here is how to create your own customized job statuses:

1. To customize your job statuses, login to your mHelpDesk account and use the left navigation panel to go to Settings

2. Under "Lists" select Job Statuses

3. There are 4 basic statuses that are automatically loaded into the account. To edit any of the existing statuses, simply click on the status and change the information:

4. To add a new job status click the blue +Add button

5. Choose one of the 4 main job statuses (New, Open, Closed, or Withdrawn)

6. Use "Sub-Status" to create the new Job Status. In this example the status we are adding is "Closed: Billing collected" to note that the job has been finished, and we have collected payment from the customer

7. Click Save

Creating new job statuses allows every company using mHelpDesk to track the progress of each job no matter what your workflow looks like. This will make organizing jobs and tracking techs' progress extremely easy!

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