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Creating Groups in the Price List
Creating Groups in the Price List
Bundle items in your price list that you sell together
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It can be time consuming and annoying when you're creating similar estimates and invoices, day in and day out. One way our best customers save time is by creating groups in their Price List, which allows them to create and then add groups of commonly used items together, with just one click! 

It's easy to create a Group, right from your Price List:

  1. Navigate to your Price List page by clicking Settings > Lists > Price List

  2. Click +Add Group button

 3. Enter Group Name
 4. Click Save and Add Items

5. Using the Search field, select items from your price list to add to your new Group List
6. Once you have added all items, click Save

To see how easy it is to use your new Group in the Price List: 

7. Open up a new or existing Estimate, Job, or Invoice


 8. Click Add Item button

 9. Search for Group in Name field

10. Add a description if needed
11. Click Save

Your Group Price List will populate on the Estimate, Job or Invoice.

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