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Release Notes (Web App) - April 12, 2018
Release Notes (Web App) - April 12, 2018
Overdue Invoices and PO Numbers
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With our web release this week, we added two features that you’ll be excited to hear about — both focused on improving your cashflow and financial reporting, to keep your business on track.

View Overdue Invoices 

Now it’s really quick and easy to see all of your past due invoices, so you can collect and eliminate late payments. On the Invoices page, just select the Overdue Invoices filter for a quick view of customers who need a follow-up.

Enter Longer PO Numbers 

Here’s a top customer request, especially from our pros on Quickbooks. We’ve increased the character count on our PO numbers (up to to 25 characters) so you can now use larger PO numbers on invoices. 

Release Date: 4/12/2018

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