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Deposits on Estimates
Deposits on Estimates

How to set up and collect deposits in mHelpDesk

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Add a New Estimate

To create a new Estimate, refer to our Estimates article.

Once you have created a new Estimate, you can set up and collect a deposit!

Set a Deposit on an Estimate

  1. Open the Estimate you wish to set a deposit for. Click on the Set Deposit button.

2. You can set a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the quoted amount for your Deposit. Click Save when you have set your Deposit amount.

*Note: You must have Items added for the Deposit amount to show on the Estimate.

3. Your Estimate will now show that there is a Deposit Due next to the Estimate's status.

Collecting a Deposit on an Estimate

  1. Once you have Set a Deposit amount, when you open the Estimate, you will now see a Collect Deposit button. Click this button to collect your set deposit.

2. You can now fill in the payment information needed to process or record this deposit amount.

*Note: If you have mHelpDesk Payments enabled, any ACH or Credit Card payment can be processed here as well! You can also choose to send your customer a Receipt of the payment you just took.

3. Click Save

Your Deposit will now show on the Estimate, and your Estimate Deposit will automatically update to show Deposit Paid.

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