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Customer Equipment Scheduling
Overview of the new Customer Equipment Scheduling features and interface
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Our Customer Equipment Scheduling feature allows you to manage service dates for equipment that you service, as well as keep your entries organized by status. You can also easily use filters to locate equipment by particular models, manufacturers, or serial numbers. We've also streamlined the interface to make it more readable and functional to make this routine task even easier!

If you're interested in opting in to the new feature for your mHelpDesk account, simply give us a call at (888) 558-6275, Ext. 2.

To see this feature in action, click on the video below.  
In addition to the video, we have included instructions on how to use this feature below.

Above you'll find a screenshot of the new interface. 

You'll notice that every piece of Customer Equipment with this feature enabled has six new default fields:

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • Install Date

  • Last Service Date

  • Next Service Date

These allow you to use the Customer Equipment Scheduling interface to keep an eye on what's upcoming for your Equipment servicing needs! 

Monitoring Equipment Service Status

You can click on these Status Tabs to filter your Equipment list in relation to the Install, Last, and Next Service Dates you specify when entering or updating your Equipment.

The Scheduling Status of the Customer Equipment piece is also indicated by the small colored dot on the left, with details visible if you mouse-over. 

You can also sort by many of the columns on the page, including Service Dates with all three choices being sortable either ascending or descending!

Editing Customer Equipment
And creating Jobs for Equipment

These tasks can now be done from a friendly quick-menu! 

From here, you can also Create a Job with one click for that piece of Equipment, or click Edit more fields to interact with the Equipment further. 

The tabs on the top allow you to keep a close eye on any Jobs or History for that particular Equipment, too! 

The Add screen also has the new default fields for Equipment info and Service Dates, and is laid out just like the Edit screen above. 

Our new filters allow you to generate a list of Equipment by Customer, Model, City, and more! This can come in handy in a situation like a manufacturer recall, for example. Clicking the blue Filter button will reveal this menu:

You can then select whichever criteria by which you need to filter, then just click Apply Filters to pare down your list! 

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