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Connect Your Square Account with mHelpDesk
Connect Your Square Account with mHelpDesk
Easily connect your mHelpDesk account to Square and never miss a payment
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Our new integration with Square allows you to collect customer payments easily and securely today, right within the mHelpDesk mobile app. Connect your account in just a few clicks!

Connect Your Square Account with mHelpDesk

  1. Log into your account, head to the Payments section in Settings where you’ll see Square as an option and click Set Up.

  2. Click Connect to Square, and type in your login information and click Sign In.
    Note: If you do NOT have a Square account, click ‘Sign up’ and go through the steps to register for a Square account.

  3. Read through the permissions and click Allow.

  4. Select your Location and click Save.  Note: If you have multiple locations in your Square account, select the correct Location and click Save.  

That’s it! Now when you go to collect a customer payment, you’ll have the option to use Square.

Another added benefit is if you have a regular customer, you can save their card on file for easy processing on their future jobs. Just check off the checkbox for Save card on file.

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