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Using Lead Booking

Become a pro at closing leads

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Using Lead Booking

Step 1: When you get a new lead from HomeAdvisor, mHelpDesk creates a profile including their information (name, contact information, service type, and comments).

Step 2: Once the lead is created, your account will automatically text the lead letting them know you can do the job. Something like... 

"Hi Jane! We received your request at Handyman Services. We will be calling you soon to learn more about your project. In the meantime, you can book an appointment here: (link to your form) 

You can contact us at 1-800-555-8000. Thank you!"

The link will take them to a personalized form to request an appointment. 

Step 3: Once a lead submits the form, an appointment is created on the Lead Booking calendar. The calendar owner (defaulted to your account admin) will be notified and can assign staff and confirm appointment with the lead.

Step 4: Admins can also remove or reschedule appointments from the calendar. Be sure to follow up directly with the lead when editing an appointment date or time.

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