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Add Users In mHelpDesk
Add Users In mHelpDesk
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Introduction To Roles

In mHelpDesk, there are 4 main types of users which are categorized by their role. The 4 roles are Admin, Manager, Staff, and Contact

The Admin role has full access to your account including everything under Settings.

The Manager role has full access to the modules in your account but has limited access to Settings.

The Staff role is limited to see only information related to his/her own jobs. You can further control what a staff member can and cannot see under the Permissions page.

The Contact role is for users that are customers. Contacts are customers that can login to view their service history if you are using the mHelpDesk Customer Portal feature.

Adding An Admin, Manager Or Staff User

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click People > Staff from the main navigation bar 

  2. Click the + Add button

  3. Fill out the user's info and select their User Role

  4. Click Save

Adding A Contact User

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click People > Customers from the main navigation bar

  2. Click on a Customer name from your customer list

  3. Click on the Contacts tab (Screenshot A)

  4. Click the blue + Add button

  5. Fill out the customer's info

  6. Select Yes for the Point of Contact field if this contact should see all records related their customer record. Select No if this contact should only see records that they submitted.

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