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Turning Off HomeAdvisor Leads
Turning Off HomeAdvisor Leads

Don't want your HomeAdvisor Leads in mHelpDesk? No problem!

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If you'd like to turn off your HomeAdvisor leads in mHelpDesk, you can do so in three ways: through the HomeAdvisor website, using HomeAdvisor's Pro mobile app, or calling HomeAdvisor directly. 

  1. To go through the website, log into your account at Once you're logged in, click on the Lead Center button at the top of the page. Click the Manage Lead Flow option on the black bar that appears beneath the button.

    If your leads are on, you'll be offered a Pause Leads option. In the following screen, select a date in the Pause Leads On* field. This will inform which dates may be selected for the Resume Leads On* field. To have your leads turned off immediately, select the current date in the Pause Leads On* field. If you select a future date, your leads will remain on until approximately 12:01 AM MDT on that date.

    If you need to turn your leads off for longer than the 14 days allowed on the homepage, please proceed with the 14-day pause on the website and contact us immediately at 877-947-3676 to arrange an extension.

  2. You may also turn off your leads using HomeAdvisor's mobile app for iPhones and Android smartphones. When leads are turned off in the app, they are immediately paused and automatically set to resume the day after the next.

  3. To turn off your leads using HomeAdvisor's interactive phone system, call 877-947-3676 and provide your 6 to 8-digit account number.

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