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Add Customer Equipment (Web App)
Add Customer Equipment (Web App)
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There are two ways to add customer equipment. First, you can add it to a customer. Second, you can add it to a job. We'll go over both below.

Before you can add customer equipment, make sure you've read our guide on how to Setup Customer Equipment.

Add Customer Equipment to a Customer

Here's how to add a piece of equipment belonging to a customer.

  1. Click on any customer from your customer list to view their details 

  2. Click on the Customer Equipment tab

  3. Click the Add button

  4. Enter the details for that piece of equipment

  5. Click Save

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Add Customer Equipment to a Job

If you've got a job and you're going to be working on a piece of equipment, you can easily add the equipment details to the job form. Here's how:

  1. Click on any job from your job list to view its details

  2. Scroll down until you see the Customer Equipment section.

  3. Click the Add button

  4. Select an existing piece of equipment from the list or click the Add Customer Equipment button to add a new one

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