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Import Your Price List
Import Your Price List
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By adding a price list for your common parts and services, your team can save time and have more consistency when creating estimates and invoices.  Follow the steps below to import a price list into mHelpDesk.

Before you import:
Your file should be in a "tab delimited" format (this is a type of CSV) with your customers' name in the left column. Also, the file should have the column headers provided below in the top row of the file. You should include all columns, even if they are blank.


  1. Type   Note: this is to describe the item, and must be one of the following: Product, Service, Discount, Discount %, Other Charge, Other Charge %

  2. Name 

  3. PartNumber

  4. Description

  5. Duration

  6. Price

  7. Cost

  8. TaxCode   Note: this must be one of the following options: TAX, NON

  9. OnHand

  10. AsOf   Note: Use the format mm/dd/yyyy

  11. ReOrderPoint

Now that your file is in the correct format, we can begin the import process!

  1. Go to Settings and under Lists, click Price List. (Screenshot A)

2. On the Price List click "Options" on the right side of the screen. From the drop down menu click Import CSV. (Screenshot B)

3. This will take you to a Product & Service Import page. Click in the empty field, which will pull up your computer's file manager. Pick the file you'd like to import and click Select. Confirm this is the correct price list file and click Next.
4. In the Mapping Fields screen, check that the boxes have the correct information and click Save. This confirmation screen will appear when the import begins.(Screenshot C)

4. At this point the import will run in the background, and you can continue to use your account. A confirmation email will be sent to notify you when the import is complete.
5. Once you receive the email confirmation, refresh your mHelpDesk account and your price list will now be available in your account.

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