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Before you take a payment, be sure you've read our guide on how to Setup mHelpDesk Payments.

Set and collect a deposit on an Estimate

Here's how to set and collect a deposit in the field.

  1. Open up your mHelpDesk mobile app

  2. Tap on Estimates

  3. Tap More > Set Deposit Amount (Screenshot A)

  4. Select the deposit amount from the list and tap Save

  5. Collect the deposit by tapping More > Collect Deposit (Screenshot B)

  6. Choose Credit Card from the choices presented, confirm the amount and tap Next

  7. Input the customer's credit card information and hit Next

  8. Verify the customer's billing address and tap Confirm

Take a payment on an Invoice

  1. In the Job tap Invoice (Screenshot C)

  2. Tap Get Paid (Screenshot D)

  3. Choose Credit Card, go over the invoice details and hit Next

  4. Input the customers's credit card and tap Next

  5. Verify the customer's billing address and tap Confirm

After the payment is complete the receipt will be sent to the customer and a confirmation email will be sent to you!

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