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QuickBooks Online FAQs
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mHelpDesk supports a 2-way sync with QuickBooks to reduce double data entry between the systems. When you receive data from QuickBooks to mHelpDesk we call this an import. When you send data from mHelpDesk to QuickBooks we call this an export.

What data is imported from QuickBooks Online to mHelpDesk?

mHelpDesk will receive the below items from QuickBooks, which  can be found under the Items menu in QuickBooks.

  1. Customers

  2. Products & Services list

  3. Customer terms

What data is exported from mHelpDesk to QuickBooks?

mHelpDesk will send the below items from mHelpDesk to QuickBooks.


  1. Invoices

  2. Payments

List Items:

  1. Customers

  2. Products and services

  3. Customer terms

NOTE: List Items are only exported to QuickBooks if they are part of an Invoice.

Should I import my historical QuickBook invoices into mHelpDesk?

No, we do not support importing past financial data from accounting systems into mHelpDesk. mHelpDesk is not a replacement for QuickBooks. You should continue using QuickBooks to look up historical transactions. 

Will QuickBooks Online syncing work on my Mac?

Yes, QuickBooks Online works with Mac products because it is cloud-based and our easy-to-use integration tool makes it possible.

How does QuickBooks know what account a new item belongs to?

When you export a new item created in mHelpDesk to QuickBooks, our tool will prompt you to select the chart of accounts that the item belongs to. This is identical to setting up a new item in QuickBooks, only that it is done through our sync tool.

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