Administrators will often need to view and possibly make edits to staff Timesheets entries.  Viewing and editing for all staff members' hours can be done from the mHelpDesk web application only.  Individuals can only view their Timesheet entries from the mHelpDesk mobile app.

View Timesheets in the Web App

  1. Navigate to People > Staff to display the Staff Management page

  2. Click on the Timesheets tab

  3. Select the weeks to view by clicking on This Week or Last Week

  4. To view other dates, click Custom and select a start date and end date

Timesheets will show total clocked in hours for each day for each staff member. Only Staff members that clock in and out on the mobile app will show in the list.

Timesheets will always show full weeks for the dates you select.  For example, if you select a start date that is a Tuesday, Timesheets will automatically show you the entire week (Sunday to Saturday) that contains that Tuesday. 

Edit Timesheet Entries

  1. From the Staff Management Timesheets tab, select the week(s) you want to edit

  2. Click on the hours in the day for the staff member you want to edit

  3. Enter corrected hours or click Add Time to add new clock in and out entries

  4. To remove an entry, click the red trash can icon next to the entry

  5. Press Save

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