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Online Request Form
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Everyone is busy these days, so you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach you and request jobs. Your customers can request a job from your website with the mHelpDesk Online Request Form

You can add the form to your website or send a link where they can request work. The jobs requested from your website will then automatically generate a job within your mHelpDesk account.

Adding the Online Request Form to your website

Attach the form to your website's HTML code by going into Settings and clicking on Website Integration under Integration. (Screenshot A)

This brings you to the mHelpDesk Code page. Under Website Integration, you’ll see Online Request Form. From here you can adjust the color of the background, button and text for your request form (Screenshot B) so that it matches with your own website.


In the text box below the color customization is the code to add into the HTML of your website (Screenshot C). Just copy all of the text, go to your own website, and paste it into the code in the location you would like to add the form. 

Send your customers a link to request a job

If you would prefer not to add the Online Request Form to your website, you can still send your customers a link through an email to request a job. Just send the link highlighted in yellow in Screenshot C. When your customer clicks on the link, they will be taken to a form to request a job.

Your customers can now request services from your website and these jobs will automatically generate jobs within your mHelpDesk account!

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