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QuickBooks Desktop Export
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Reading handwritten invoices and putting this information into your QuickBooks account can be time consuming. mHelpDesk has a 2-way sync and with an export where you can move your completed invoices, update your item list, and send over new customers to your QuickBooks account. Double data entry is over! Be sure to read Sync QuickBooks Desktop with mHelpDesk and also download the mHelpDesk To QuickBooks Tool before starting!

Follow these steps to export data from mHelpDesk to your QuickBooks account:

First, select the invoices that you'd like to send over with these steps:

  1. Log into the web app as a Manager or Admin with access to your QuickBooks account

2. Click Invoices from the navigation bar on the left
3. Review the Invoices and Payments that are in a Ready To Send or Not Sent status under the QuickBooks. (Screenshot A)

Note: If there is an invoice with the status of 'Invoices with no Items cannot be sent', just as it says, that invoice does not have any items and cannot be sent to your QuickBooks account and therefore cannot be selected.

4. After you've reviewed your invoices, check the box next to the invoice number (Screenshot B)

5. Open up your mHelpDesk To QuickBooks tool, enter your mHelpDesk username and password, then your country.

6. The "Send Items To QuickBooks" window will open with the invoices you've selected in your mHelpDesk account.
7. Review the information and click Send Now (Screenshot D)

8. When the export is complete you should receive the message below!

That's all there is to it! Your data has been sent to your QuickBooks account and now your information within your QuickBooks account will be up to date.

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