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Enable QuickBooks Sync
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Do you spend hours and hours entering data into your QuickBooks account after jobs have been completed and invoices have been paid? With mHelpDesk you can easily import and export that information, saving you time and headaches. Our sync is available for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online (see Sync QuickBooks Desktop with mHelpDesk and Sync QuickBooks Online with mHelpDesk).

Turn on the QuickBooks Sync

  1. Login to the mHelpDesk web app as an Admin, and click Settings > Other > Add Ons

  2. Scroll until you see the tile that says Sync QuickBooks. Choose either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online  and toggle the switch from OFF to ON. (Screenshot A)

NOTE: You can only have either Online OR Desktop selected, so be sure to have the correct version chosen before you begin your syncs!

That's it! Now you can sync your QuickBooks account with mHelpDesk.

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