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Set Up Templates
Set Up Templates
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Having a professional, branded template for your estimates, work orders and invoices can really set your company apart from others. mHelpDesk offers professional templates that you can add your logo and specific terms and conditions to, creating documents that really wow your customers.

Here is how to set up your templates:

  1. Make sure your company information and logo are uploaded into your mHelpDesk account (Settings > General > My Company).

  2.  In the Template Library, identify which design you like and click on the link that matches the template you’re updating (ie: Estimate, Job, Invoice). Copy (Ctrl C) all of the code that appears on that page.

  3. To replace your current template, click on Settings > Customize > Templates in mHelpDesk. Then select the template you just copied ("Estimate PDF", "Job PDF", or "Invoice PDF"). Click on “<>HTML” at the bottom of that template, select all of the text (Ctrl A), and delete it (<Backspace> or <Delete>).

  4. Then paste the copied code from the template library (Ctrl V) in the blank template that you deleted. Click the <SAVE>button.

That's it! You're now using a professionally designed template for that document. Any questions about templates? Just contact our Customer Happiness Team by clicking on the blue chat bubble in the bottom right.

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