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Add a vendor and purchase order module for users to track these.

Tracking vendors can be rather time consuming. Would be nice to do this in Mhelpdesk. In reverse logistics businesses (e.g., recycling), the customer is often also a vendor, as the business is buying items (used computers, etc.) from that customer. To manage this, it would be helpful to have a vendor list and be able to create purchase orders in Mhelpdesk and synch the above with quickbooks.

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    recycledrecycled shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ChrisChris commented  · 

        3 years, 4 months, and 7 days since this feature was requested.

        509 Votes

        30 Comments from YOUR customers explaining how much this would improve their business operations and yet...

        NOT ONE acknowledgment from mhelpdesk. Unacceptable. I can understand that what we are asking may be a big task to develop but don't just ignore your paying customers who are trying to better YOUR product. I can only speak for myself but this is going to force me to start looking for alternative Field Service CRM programs with the features that I need.

      • Mark KellyMark Kelly commented  · 

        I also need purchase order capabilities to run my business more efficiently. It is necessary to have the purchase order in mhelpdesk and not just in quickbooks

      • MBC SolutionsMBC Solutions commented  · 

        This is a 100% needed upgrade! Have to still rely on our old CRM for informational items for vendors and QickBooks for PO and financial vendor data. This would make MHD a much better single solution offering. It is a real pain to have to jump around just to get simple information on anyone other than a customer.

      • Shawn PatelShawn Patel commented  · 

        I'm a demo user right now, but I'm just wondering, how long does it take for suggest to get implemented? These ideas have all been added over 2+ years, but no action has been taken, for the fees we pay; should we not expect better implementation, since these votes are so high, right?

      • Rhonda DurhamRhonda Durham commented  · 

        What I would like to see is purchase estimated items and have item types for those items that would be purchased from vendors, tie into the work order and the estimate and invoice would help with job costing as well

      • eded commented  · 

        If you have Inventory you need PO capabilities. If you have PO capabilities you need vendor capabilities...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This would also help if integrated with an invoice to add purchases to an invoice automaticaly or to paste from a PO.

      • Michael WilsonMichael Wilson commented  · 

        So originally suggested on 11/30/2013, and the top voted suggestion, but not a single comment from mHD, what's up with that?

      • Paresh RanaParesh Rana commented  · 

        Adding the Vendor / Purchasing workflow and tracking to mHelpdesk would make a HUGE difference for us as well. Having the PO be ABLE to tie back to the invoice or client job will be really important. But we should be able to create a PO without a customer / job attached as well. It will be important to have the PO configured to notify the "purchaser" account so the person in charge of this can execute purchases efficiently. PO should track expected receipt date (or pick-up date). Once purchased, the PO status must be changeable by the purchaser to "purchased", and set to "Closed" after the items have been received or picked up by us so we can track the whole process easily. There should be a screen (and print-out) to see "Expected Items" due to be received today (or a specific date).

        I am happy to provide any more process details if you would like.

        We hope to see this feature soon.

      • Petersonenergy20Petersonenergy20 commented  · 

        This is a must for us to continue using m help desk for the long Term

      • MarkMark commented  · 

        This should be one of the top items on the roadmap. It is needed bad.

      • SamanthaSamantha commented  · 

        There are other job creating programs that have the vendor and purchase order module that link to QuickBooks. You may want to keep up with the competition.

      • SueSue commented  · 

        We are a service company new to Mhd. Purchases/Items in Mhd is increasing instead of decreasing the day to day workflow. Seems this issue has been discussed for two years or more without any modifications to the program. Where is this issue in the Queue with the Product team? Are there any updates as to the status that anyone has received?

      • MichaelMichael commented  · 

        I couldn't agree more with the previous 2 comments. Please add vendor-PO functions for sub-contractors and handling their invoices.

      • jtenneyjtenney commented  · 

        This would be a game changer for us. We use several specialty contractors on our projects, and have to track vendors and PO's in another application. Would be a real time saver to add this to MHD

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        YES! This is basically half of Quickbooks that is being ignored. We send work tickets to sub-contractors (Vendors) all over the country, they send us invoices for their work when complete. I see no way to use mHelpdesk for this function at present.

      • MATT SMITHMATT SMITH commented  · 

        One of my biggest time consuming duties in the office is imputing all my material I purchase at the big box stores and my supply houses into quickbooks. My techs already have the receipts all they would have to do is put the information in while they are closing out there jobs. It would be great if mHelpDesk would integrate that with quick books. It would be nice to do reports to see what actual that job costed me.

      • Phil ThompsonPhil Thompson commented  · 

        I love that you can track the net cost of any given item within an estimate. Similarly, it easily converts into a job with a PO#. If there was a way for us to take that "net-cost" and create a purchase order to a vendor - - this would be an absolute knockout.

        Is there any good work-around for this? Like, create an "estimate" and send it to the vendor with the appropriate information??

        In a perfect world, this would be right alongside the mHelpDesk workflow - along with a way to plug in tracking numbers, confirmations, and lead times. Just a thought.

      • Shelly CollisonShelly Collison commented  · 

        I absolutely agree with the comments herein- subs and vendor tracking is a huge work-around process. Having product items linked to certain suppliers, with notes such as "typically in stock" or "lead time 1 week for a specific fixture would give me all the tools I need in one package- there's much more to say here- it gets 3 votes from me

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