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  1. Announcements 

    1. Call us at 1-888-558-6275 Ext. 2
    2. Live Chat and Email Support
    3. How do I subscribe a different email address to mHelpDesk's news and updates?
    4. Why Switch from mHelpDesk Version 1 to Version 2?
  2. Email 

    1. Use My Company Email Address as Sender (Reply-to-Email)
    2. Viewing Your Emails Via Outlook
    3. Emails Blocked From mHelpDesk
    4. What does Disarmed in the subject of emails sent from Support tickets mean?
  3. Email To mHelpDesk 

    1. Integrate With Microsoft Outlook Exchange via mHelpDesk
    2. Email to mHelpDesk in Outlook
    3. Generate Emails Into Tickets/Jobs
    4. Duplicate Email Address Used for Email to Ticket
    5. If you do not Receive a Confirmation Code for Email to Ticket
  4. Importing/Exporting 

    1. Import Options
    2. Export Options
    3. QuickBooks Online Export
    4. Importing QuickBooks Into mHelpDesk
    5. Google Calendar
  5. Lead 

    1. Create Custom Lead Statuses
  6. Offline Mode 

    1. What is Offline Mode?
    2. Do I need to turn on Offline Mode for it to work?
    3. What can I do or see in Offline Mode?
  7. Personalize 

    1. Upload Your Logo
    2. How to Hide Columns on my PDFs
    3. What are Custom Forms?
    4. How Do I Delete A Custom Field?
    5. What Is An Auto Update Rule?
  8. Price 

    1. Pricing
    2. Upfront Costs or Contracts
  9. Price List 

    1. Importing Price List via csv
    2. Inventory Tracking
    3. Edit Your Item Type
    4. Create a Discount/Credit
    5. Create an Item Group
  10. Reports 

    1. Time and Materials Per Service Request
    2. Create and Save a Customized Report
    3. Downloading A Report
  11. Resources 

    1. Resources at mHelpDesk!
  12. Staff Management 

    1. Edit Staff Information
    2. Add Staff Wage Information
    3. Staff Permissions
    4. Adding a Staff Member
    5. Track Staff via GPS
  13. Text Messaging 

    1. Manage Staff Text Message Notifications
    2. Manage Admin Text Message Notifications
    3. Manage Customer Text Message Notifications
    4. Modify Text Message Templates
    5. Opt Back into SMS
  14. Mobile App 

    1. View Appointments For Today Only
    2. Offline Mode
    3. How do I schedule an appointment in the mobile app?
    4. Can I sign into my account on a Mobile App
    5. How do I capture a signature if I am using windows 8 laptops with touch screens in the field?
  15. Account Management 

    1. Edit Staff Information
    2. Modify Your Monthly Subscription
    3. How do I edit My Company's information?
    4. Logging Out of your Account
    5. How do I cancel my account?
  16. Customers 

    1. Importing Customers via csv
    2. View Customer Logs
    3. How do I capture more information in my Customer Contacts?
    4. How do I download my list of customers to Excel or CVS?
    5. How do you export customer data?
  17. Customer Asset Tracking 

    1. How Does Customer Asset/Equipment Tracking Work?
    2. How do I print a System Label?
    3. How do I view a list of my customer's assets?
    4. Asset Tracking / Equipment Tracking
    5. Printing Centered / Correct Labels
  18. Service Requests 

    1. Adding Custom Fields to Work Orders/Jobs
    2. How do I allow staff to assign jobs to others if they can't see All Jobs from the list?
    3. My staff member isn't receiving any email notifications. (Upcoming Feature!)
    4. Why can't I edit custom field types after I've created it?
    5. Can I move a "closed" work order to another customer?
  19. Estimates 

    1. How do I create an estimate?
    2. Add and Collect Deposits
    3. How do I view Unpaid Deposits at a glance?
    4. How do I add the new approval button to my estimate email?
  20. Invoices 

    1. How to display certain custom fields in Invoice PDF
    2. How do I remove the individual invoice headings on a combined invoice?
    3. How to combine invoices: 1 bill for all activity
    4. How do I delete an item in Price List?
    5. How do I add a discount?
  21. Payments 

    1. What payment processors does mHelpDesk integrate with?
    2. How can I test that my gateway is working properly before going live?
    3. Does mHelpDesk accept credit cards or Paypal?
    4. Void Online Payments
    5. How do I apply a payment to a work order/service request?
  22. Scheduling 

    1. Integrate Google Calendar
    2. Integrate HomeAdvisor Pro Calendar
    3. Appointments aren't showing in Google Calendar anymore?
    4. How to enable text messages for Google Calendar Alerts
    5. Why is my calendar view blank?
  23. Quickbooks 

    1. QuickBooks Desktop FAQ
    2. Run Quickbooks Online Export
    3. My invoice's QB status says "Not Sent", so why is there a "Last Sent to QB" date?
    4. If I add a new customer in mHelpDesk, will it show in QuickBooks?
    5. What happens during the Quickbooks Export when an invoice has a customer I haven't added in Quickbooks yet?
  24. Website Integration 

    1. How do I put an online scheduler on my website?
    2. Getting the online form to display properly
    3. Can the online request form include customer/company name?
  25. All articles 

    1. How to display certain custom fields in Invoice PDF
    2. How Does Customer Asset/Equipment Tracking Work?
    3. Adding Custom Fields to Work Orders/Jobs
    4. What payment processors does mHelpDesk integrate with?
    5. How do I put an online scheduler on my website?

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