What are Custom Forms?

This feature will allow you to create customized forms for each type of job you do. Based on the custom fields that are selected, your custom form will auto-populate the fields for each service ticket depending on what the job type is. Instead of using one form for all your jobs, you will now create an unlimited number of forms to handle all the different jobs you do. 

To turn on and set up your Custom Forms, follow the steps below: 
1. From the Home Screen, click Settings>Add Ons.
2. Switch Custom Forms to ON and that will feature will be turned on in your account.


4. Click Settings again
5. Under Customize, click Custom Forms


6. Choose the Job Type that you would like to edit in Step 1 7. In Step 2, choose the custom fields that you would displayed with this Job Type 8. Click Save at the bottom of this form and the custom form will be saved to your account.

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