Duplicate Email Address Used for Email to Ticket

As of 8/26/2013, Mhelpdesk has stopped allowing system notifications to send to email addresses that are the same as the email address used for Email-To-Mhelpdesk. The reason for this is that sending notifications to the email address used for Email-To-MhelpDesk will cause an endless loop.

Example of endless loop:
1. You create a ticket and it sends an email notification to [your username's email address]
2. Since this email address is also being used for Email-To-Ticket, a ticket will be created based on the email received in step 1. Since there is a new ticket created here, another email sent to the same email again. Thus, an endless loop of notifications.

Solution: Change the email address used in Email-To-Ticket to be able to return to saving tickets normally. Either have your Email-To-Mhelpdesk email address changed, or navigate to your staff tab to edit your username.

To Change your Email Address used for Email to Ticket, follow the steps below:
1. Click on Settings

2.From Settings, Under Other, Click on Email-To-Ticket

3. Change the Email Address in Step 1 and follow the remaining steps to set up email-to-ticket with the new email address.

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