QuickBooks Desktop FAQ

What data is synced with QuickBooks?

Mhelpdesk supports a 2-way sync. We call this an Import and an Export.
When you Import, this is sending QuickBooks data to Mhelpdesk. When you Export you are sending Mhelpdesk data to QuickBooks.

What data is Imported from QuickBooks to Mhelpdesk?

Before doing an export, it is required that you run your import first. The data that we will import from QuickBooks into Mhelpdesk are:
  1. Customer List 
  2. Product List
  3. Sales Tax List
  4. Sales Terms List
  5. Customer Type List

What data is Exported from Mhelpdesk to QuickBooks?

The Items below created in Mhelpdesk will be exported to QuickBooks.
  1. New Customers 
  2. New Products
  3. New Sales Tax
  4. New Sales Terms 
  5. New Customer Type 
  6. New Invoices
  7. New Estimates
  8. New Payments
Note:  items 1-5 are ONLY exported to QuickBooks if they are part of an Invoice or Estimate. So if you don't see the item in QuickBooks, it means you did not add them to an Invoice that is to be exported.

Do you import my past QuickBook Invoices into Mhelpdesk?

No. We do not import any financial data into Mhelpdesk.

How does the QuickBooks Import work?

You will download our WebConnector and install it on your computer. Then run it. You can find this under Settings | Import From QuickBooks.

How does the Mhelpdesk to QuickBooks work?

You will also download our Mhelpdesk-To-QuickBooks tool and install it on your computer. Then select the transactions you want to send and click "Send Now". You can access this under Transactions | Send To QuickBooks.

Will this work on a Mac?

No. You will have to use our QuickBooks Online integration if you are on a Mac.

For a Full Video on HOW TO Sync, click here.

When I create a new part for inventory in either QuickBooks or Mhelpdesk, does it sync across, or do I need to create the same new item in both places at the same time?

No you do not need to create the same item in both places. We recommend adding it in Mhelpdesk, then when that item is used on an Invoice it will be added to QuickBooks for you. You will be prompted to select a "chart of accounts" for the new item.


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