Importing Price List via csv

If your price list are stored on your computer, or you have access to download them to your computer then you can simply import them to mHelpDesk! This saves you tons of time from having to input each item manually. Guidelines and steps are listed below!

Before you import, please make sure:
Your file is an an Excel or Tab delimited file containing all your Price List with the following columns. You can save your Excel file as a Tab delimited file.
*Please include header names.  You must also include all columns even if they are blank.*

Column Names:
1. Type *
(must be one of the following options: Product, Service, Discount, Discount %, Other Charge, Other Charge %)
2. Name *
3. PartNumber
4. Description
5. Duration
6. Price *
7. Cost
8. TaxCode *
(this must be one of the following options: TAX, NON)
9. OnHand
10. AsOf  
           (Use the format mm/dd/yyyy)
11. ReOrderPoint

* Denotes a column that requires an entry, and will not import correctly if it is left blank.


Steps to Import:
1. Navigate to Settings
2. Price List 
3. Click the drop down arrow next to 'Add'
4. Select 'Import CSV'

Once you are done, upload the tab delimited or comma delimited file.
Click Next & That’s it!

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