Staff Permissions

There are 3 roles within Mhelpdesk related to Staff. The first is Admin, who has access to all of mhelpdesk. The second is Manager, who has access/modify anything in Mhelpdesk except the settings. Finally, the last role is Staff. Staff can only access/modify whatever they are given permission to. 

How to edit staff permissions:
1. Settings
2. Permissions

Or you can navigate to: 
1. People
2. Staff
3. Permissions

Below you will find a hyperlink to a video explanation of each permission along with a brief explanation of what each permission does:

Staff can access customers: This means your staff can access customer information, contacts for that customer, and work orders for that customer.  

Staff can access files tab from customer view: This will allow your staff to view a customer, and within that have access to the files tab view. This is only pertinent if they have permission to access customers in the first place. The files tab within the customer view is where you can keep files related to the customer not necessarily tied to any single job. 

Staff can access financial transactions: This means the staff can access the payments tab within mhelpdesk and see all the financial transactions within your account.

Staff can access invoices and payments from the ticket view:  From the ticket view, if you have an invoice or payment related to the ticket you are looking at, you will see the tabs "Invoice" and "Payment". You will be able to click and navigate to them. If this is disabled, staff will only see the ticket and estimate tabs from the ticket view. 

Staff can access estimates from the ticket view: Similar to the above permission. If this is enabled, staff will see a tab for "Estimates" from the ticket view. 

Staff can access all appointments and tickets: Once enabled, this will give access to all appointments and ticket in the account. If left unchecked, the staff member will only see appointments and tickets assigned to them.

Staff can update appointments created for others: This permission will allow a staff member the ability to edit times and dates for another person's existing appointment. This permission is only pertinent if staff have access to all appointments and tickets. Staff members will still be able to create appointments for others from their own calendar when this setting is left unchecked. 

Staff can access reports: This will enable staff to see the reports tab, from here they can generate one of our canned reports or create a customized report:

Staff can access leads: This will give staff the ability to see the leads tab and have access to view leads coming in. Without this, they won't see the lead tab when they are logged in to there account. 

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