Emails Blocked From mHelpDesk

In 2014, AOL moved to change their DMARC policy to "p=reject", which essentially stops all delivery on what was previously considered authorized mail sent on behalf of AOL Mail users via non-AOL servers ( such as Mhelpdesk).

Mail sent on behalf of AOL Mail users to DMARC compliant domains will be rejected by those domains unless the mail passes SPF and/or DKIM authentication checks AND the domain(s) used in those checks match

To resolve this issue, please change your email address in Mhelpdesk to anything other than AOL or Yahoo.

To edit your email address:
1. Settings
2. People
3. Staff
4. Select staff member
5. Edit email field

You may also need to update your company email address:
1. Settings
2. My Company

Yahoo: Policy Change
Additional Information on DMARC

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