Generate Emails Into Tickets/Jobs

The Email-to-ticket feature converts all emails received from a specified email address into new jobs in your Mhelpdesk account.   In addition, it also allows all email responses to a job to populate in the message history.  For example, if you email a customer from the messages tab in a job, the customer's response will populate in the job history.  

To setup our Email-to-ticket feature follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings, then under Other, click Email to Ticket
2. In Step 1, enter the email address that you would like to use for ticket creation
3. Click the Save & Send Verification Code button
4. In Step 2, enter the verification code that you received in your email inbox from Step 1 and click the Submit button.
5. In Step 3, sign into your email account that you entered in Step 1 and set the forwarding to


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