Create a Discount/Credit

Creating a discount/credit in your account will you to provide a reduced price to your customers on your Estimates and Invoices.

To create a discount/credit in your Mhelpdesk account, follow these steps:
1. Settings
2. Price List
2. Select Add 
3. The type should be 'Discount'
4. Fill in discount details, amount etc.
5. Select Save
6. Once this item is created, add it as a line item to your invoices.

To add the discount/credit to your Invoices or Estimates, follow these steps:
1. Open your Estimate or Invoice
2. Add a line item to charge your customer
 *If you would like to add a discount/credit for this line item, add the Discount line item directly below it and it will be applied to the line item directly above it.
 *If you would like to add a discount/credit for the entire Estimate or Invoice, you must first add a Subtotal line item then add the Discount/Credit line item below it and it will apply to the entire Estimate or Invoice.

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