Use My Company Email Address as Sender (Reply-to-Email)

By default, your company email will be used as the reply to email address for all emails.
If you send a message through the "message" tab in your work order, but it says it is "From:", and it is different from your company email address--no worries. By design, the messaging tab will show you which user sent the message. Even though the messaging tab logs the sender's username, the message will still be sent from your company's email address. Send a test to yourself and check it out!

To change your reply-to email address, go to:
1. Settings
2. My Company
3. Enter your company email address in the Reply-To Email Address Column
4. Save

If you would like your emails to show the true sender as the reply to (ie: staff member), please contact support at or dial 888-558-6275 ext 2, and wan further assist you with that.

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