QuickBooks Online Export

Exporting your invoices and payments to Quickbooks from Mhelpdesk will allow you to seamlessly track financial and accounting information between both platforms.

To setup the sync between Quickbooks Online and Mhelpdesk, please follow the steps below: 
1. Click Settings
2. After clicking Settings, click Add-Ons

3. In Add-Ons, scroll to Sync With Quickbooks Online and switch it ON. Make sure Sync With Quickbooks Desktop is switched OFF. 

4. Click Settings and then click on Quickbooks Export

5. On the Quickbooks Export page, click on the Connect To Quickbooks button

6. Insert your Quickbooks Online Credentials then click Sign-In. 

7. Click the Authorize button to allow Mhelpdesk to communicate with Quickbooks Online and your sync

8. Click the green Sync button and the export will begin.

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