Create an Item Group

Item groups allow you to group multiple  price list together to function as one item.  For example, you could create a group, "Kitchen Remodel," to include all the typical price list used for that service, such as counters, cabinets, plumbing and labor. Once created, you would be able to add "Kitchen Remodel" to an invoice or estimate and automatically include all the items within that group.

To create a group, watch the instructional video below, then use the steps and screenshots below for reference as needed:

1. Navigate to Settings, then Price List.

2. Add

3. Choose group for the type and create a name for the group.

4. Add price list from the drop down menu to include in the group.  Repeat this step until you have selected all desired price list.

5. Click Save.

That's it! You can now add this group to an job, estimate or invoice.

Helpful Hints:

  • Once a price list is added you can change the quantity or duration by clicking on the current number and using the arrows to select the correct number.

  • Estimated Total is based off the total rate for all price list within the group.

  • Estimated Time is based off the total duration for all services within the group.

  • Estimated Cost is based off the total cost of all Price List with the group.

  • Checking show the total group pricing to the customer will show only the group price instead of each individual item’s price.

  • The copy group function allows you to create an identical copy then edit if needed.

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