Manage Staff Text Message Notifications

The text messaging feature allows you to determine when staff are sent text message notifications. In addition, staff members will also have the ability to respond to a text to update the status of a job.

To manage these notifications, watch the instructional video below, then use the steps and screenshots for your reference as needed:

1. Navigate to Settings, then Notifications.

Under Text Message Notifications, scroll to Assigned Staff.

3. To have a text message sent when a Job is assigned, unassigned or cancelled, check the first option.  To have a text message sent when a Lead  is assigned or unassigned, check the second option.   Both can be chosen if desired.

4. To have a reminder sent regarding an upcoming job appointment, check the third option.  

5. To have a reminder sent regarding an upcoming lead appointment, check the fourth option.

Then choose when staff should receive reminders by selecting a numerical value then either hours or days.  

6. To allow staff members to update Job status by text, choose the fourth option.  Then choose up to four statuses to allow your staff to update via text. Staff will then be able to respond to a text message with "1,2,3, or 4" to update to the chosen status.

7. Save.

That's it!  Now your staff members should be receiving text messages. 


Helpful Hints:

  •      You can turn off text messages for specific staff members.

  •      A text message will be sent immediately upon assignment/assignment or creation of Lead or Job.

  •     If a visit is all day, a reminder will be sent at 7am that day.

  •      Rescheduling visits to before the reminder time may prevent reminders from being sent.

  •      You can edit text messages in "Templates" under Settings.

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