Modify Text Message Templates

Text message templates allow you to modify the text messages sent to your staff and customers.

To modify a text message template, watch the instructional video below, then use the steps and screenshots below for reference as needed:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then Templates.

2.  Scroll to the heading SMS Notifications (Text Messages).

3. Choose the template you wish to modify.

4. To add a keyword, place the cursor where you would like that keyword to appear.  Then select the valid keyword from the Valid Keyword menu.

5. To remove a keyword, highlight that keyword and click delete.

That’s it!  You’ve now successfully modified your text message template.

     Helpful Hints:

  • Clicking reset template will restore your template to the original default settings.  

  • Only the valid keywords listed on the right hand side are available for text messaging templates.
  • Templates can also be modified by navigating to Settings, then Notifications.  Next to the text message template, click on the customize message link.

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