Why Switch from mHelpDesk Version 1 to Version 2?


mHelpDesk is super excited about the release of mHelpdesk v2 (MHD2). We know on the surface it seems like we haven’t been doing any new development for the last several months. But rest assured we’ve been working 24/7/365 on development, and all our effort has been focused on re-engineering mHelpDesk. This is a complete redesign of our product and we pushed hard to officially release it as of March 2015. We’ll continue to be adding several exciting new features this year to create the most amazing software for your business.


4 Reasons Why You Should Care About mHelpDesk 2

This is a FIRST release so here is what you can expect:

  1. Frequent Releases - We’ll continue to update the code base frequently to push out new fixes as fast as we can.

  2. Possible Changes - We may identify better ways of doing something so don’t be surprised to see changes to the user-interface that are intended to improve things.

  3. It’s Different - but for the better. We’ve really be striving to create a better user-experience for you. So if there was way to improve something in MHD1, we’re going to improve it MHD2. Don’t be too surprised when you see things moved around.

How To Get Started

  1. Login using the url www.secure1.mhelpdesk.com

  2. Bookmark this so you can get back in.

Breaking Changes

Below you’ll find a list of the most obvious changes. We’ll find a better way to maintain this list as we continue to release MHD2.

  1. New ticket list written using AngularJS and Web Service

    • This change will increase the site performance

    • New ticket has responsive design which will show card layout on iPhone

  2. New workflow - Ticket, Estimate, Invoice can be created independently. This will work better for businesses that require to have an estimate/quote before doing the job

  3. New Lead Management module (navigate to Settings > Add Ons > Lead Management)

  4. Ability to copy from Estimate to Invoice

  5. Ability to copy from Estimate to Ticket/Work Order

  6. Ability to copy from Ticket/Work Order to Estimate

  7. Ability to copy from Ticket/Work Order to Invoice

  8. New notes/logs module

    • Users can choose to show logs/notes all the time

    • Users filter/search logs/notes quickly

  9. Added Status for Invoice that automatically change from Draft to Send to Paid

  10. Added Status for Estimate that automatically change from Draft to Send when an estimate is sent out to customers

  11. Ability to search Invoices by customer name on Invoice list

  12. Ability to search Estimates by customer name on Estimate list

  13. Ability to search Payments by customer name on Payment list

  14. Ability to reset QB flags for Invoices/Payments

  15. Updated batch action section - it only show the action when an item is selected

  16. Ability to create ticket quickly

    • Just pick a customer and click next instead of filling out all required fields

  17. Ability add items directly to Ticket/Work Order

    • Manager/Admin can see additional columns including Cost, Rate, Amount, and Tax

  18. Ability to change customer on Ticket quickly

  19. Ability to change status on Ticket quickly

  20. Ability to add files directly on Ticket/Work Order tab

  21. Adding Customer - contact section is now optional

  22. Adding Service Location - contact section has been taken away

  23. Scheduling

    • Ability to filter team/staff

    • Team/staff panel is hidden on iPhone to save space for the calendar view

  24. Re-arranging all button options (most of them will be inside a down arrow button)


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