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  1. "Username is Unavailable" When Adding a New User

  2. Add and Collect Deposits

  3. Add Staff Wage Information

  4. Adding a Staff Member

  5. Adding Custom Fields to Work Orders/Jobs

  6. Adding Keywords to Your Template

  7. Adding new customers

  8. Appointments aren't showing in Google Calendar anymore?

  9. Asset Tracking / Equipment Tracking

  10. Basic Training Video

  11. Billable Settings in Price List

  12. Calendar Appointment View

  13. Calendar view in app

  14. Call us at 1-888-558-6275 Ext. 2

  15. Can customers pay from a sent invoice?

  16. Can I combine invoices at the parent customer level?

  17. Can I create a work order from Scheduling?

  18. Can I move a "closed" work order to another customer?

  19. Can I sign into my account on a Mobile App

  20. Can I Sync More Than One Google Calendar?

  21. Can I track what attachments were sent in the message log?

  22. Can the online request form include customer/company name?

  23. Can you change the priority of jobs?

  24. Can you create a list for all jobs/work orders for each individual service location

  25. Capturing signature from a desktop

  26. Change the Date Format

  27. Create a Discount/Credit

  28. Create an Item Group

  29. Create and Save a Customized Report

  30. Create Custom Lead Statuses

  31. Create Custom Views

  32. Creating an Invoice

  33. Creating an Invoice from an Estimate.

  34. Creating Reports

  35. Deadlock Victim Error Message

  36. Deleting Service Requests

  37. Do I need to turn on Offline Mode for it to work?

  38. Do my customers need to have a PayPal account to pay?

  39. Does mHelpDesk accept credit cards or Paypal?

  40. Does mHelpDesk integrate with Quickbooks for Mac?

  41. Does mHelpDesk integrate with Quickbooks Point of Sale?

  42. Does mHelpDesk Payments work outside of the U.S.?

  43. Does the mHelpDesk to Quickbooks integration work with Right Networks or Ace Cloud Hosting?

  44. Downloading A Report

  45. Duplicate Email Address Used for Email to Ticket

  46. Edit Job Number

  47. Edit Staff Information

  48. Edit Staff Information

  49. Edit the Subject Line of Your Emails

  50. Edit Your Item Type

  51. Edit Your Template Font

  52. Email to mHelpDesk in Outlook

  53. Emails Blocked From mHelpDesk

  54. Equipment Custom Fields

  55. Error Message

  56. Export mHelpDesk to Quickbooks - installation and running

  57. Export Options

  58. Exporting Customer Name with Contact Export

  59. Generate Emails Into Tickets/Jobs

  60. Getting the online form to display properly

  61. Google Calendar

  62. How can I (as a technician) send a copy of the work order to the customer after it's completed

  63. How Can I Change My Default Currency?

  64. How can I test that my gateway is working properly before going live?

  65. How can I track jobs/work orders for a Parent Customer?

  66. How Can I Turn Off Location Tagging On The Desktop When Leaving Logs/Notes?

  67. How do I add / remove users?

  68. How do I add a discount?

  69. How Do I Add Custom Fields To My Online Scheduler?

  70. How do I add Customer Equipment to Ticket Template

  71. How do I add the 'pay here' link on my invoice PDF?

  72. How do I add the new approval button to my estimate email?

  73. How Do I Add/Remove Custom Fields In The Online Request Form?

  74. How do I allow staff to assign jobs to others if they can't see All Jobs from the list?

  75. How do I apply a discount to an entire invoice?

  76. How do I apply a payment to a work order/service request?

  77. How do I back up my data?

  78. How do I cancel my account?

  79. How do I capture a signature if I am using windows 8 laptops with touch screens in the field?

  80. How do I capture more information in my Customer Contacts?

  81. How do I change a customer on a service request?

  82. How do I change my Invoice #'s so they don't overwrite what I have in QB?

  83. How Do I Change The Colors For Each Staff Member Or Team In My Calendar?

  84. How do I change the customer assigned to a ticket in mHelpDesk 2.0?

  85. How Do I Change The Size Of The Font In Item Section In Templates?

  86. How do I combine invoices into one bill?

  87. How do I create a recurring invoice?

  88. How do I create a ticket from the calendar?

  89. How do I create a work order?

  90. How do I create an appointment for a work order?

  91. How do I create an estimate?

  92. How Do I Delete A Custom Field?

  93. How do I delete a Work orders?

  94. How do I delete an item in Price List?

  95. How do I download a backup file of my customer database?

  96. How do I download my list of customers to Excel or CVS?

  97. How do I e-mail a work order?

  98. How do I edit My Company's information?

  99. How do I edit the "create date" in my ticket?

  100. How do I export my invoices and estimates from Mhelpdesk to Quickbooks?

  101. How do I export my transactions to Quickbooks Online?

  102. How Do I Get The Title Of My Customer Custom Fields To Show On PDFs?

  103. How Do I Handle Multiple Tax Rates In Mhelpdesk?

  104. How do I import my Quickbooks customers and items into Mhelpdesk?

  105. How do I make the DUE DATE a required field on the work orders?

  106. How do I move a work order from one customer to another?

  107. How do I print a System Label?

  108. How do I print staff's jobs from the calendar?

  109. How do I put an online scheduler on my website?

  110. How do I record a refund in mHelpDesk?

  111. How do I remove the individual invoice headings on a combined invoice?

  112. How do I reset a flag on an invoice I already sent to Quickbooks?

  113. How Do I Reset My Account?

  114. How do I schedule an appointment in the mobile app?

  115. How do I schedule?

  116. How do I sort my tickets by date?

  117. How do I stop a Recurring Invoice?

  118. How do I subscribe a different email address to mHelpDesk's news and updates?

  119. How do I use a button for the Pay Online Link instead of the URL?

  120. How do I view a list of my customer's assets?

  121. How do I view Unpaid Deposits at a glance?

  122. How do I view what invoices I have emailed to my customers?

  123. How do my customers pay for invoices through the customer portal?

  124. How do you add multiple service location

  125. How do you delete a service location?

  126. How do you export customer data?

  127. How do you set a recurring appointment?

  128. How do you set a recurring invoice?

  129. How do you setup the Online Scheduler?

  130. How Does Customer Asset/Equipment Tracking Work?

  131. How is Job Costing Calculated?

  132. How many service items (customer equipment) can be added to a ticket?

  133. How To Change The Work Order/Job Status

  134. How to combine invoices: 1 bill for all activity

  135. How To Create A Recurring Job

  136. How to create a work order

  137. How To Create Invoice Filters

  138. How to display certain custom fields in Invoice PDF

  139. How to enable text messages for Google Calendar Alerts

  140. How to Hide Columns on my PDFs

  141. How to I assign a job to a staff member?

  142. How to I print a list of invoices that have a balance?

  143. How to Print a Day's Schedule

  144. How to Show a Short ID on Your Work Order/Jobs

  145. How to use STRIPE

  146. I am trying to run the Quickbooks Online Export, and am receiving this error message: Location has already been subscribed to by another user.

  147. I have 2 Quickbooks accounts. Can I use both with an Mhelpdesk account?

  148. I want to charge customers 3.5% if they pay by credit card.

  149. I want to reset an invoice's quickbooks flag to "not sent"

  150. I'm moving from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online.

  151. I'm receiving the Quickbooks Error - Customer:Job: XYZ is duplicated in the QuickBooks file

  152. I'm trying to sign into the quickbooks online portal, but I receive the message "Please purchase quickbooks online"

  153. I've synced my Google Calendar. Why don't I see other staff appointments?

  154. If I add a new customer in mHelpDesk, will it show in QuickBooks?

  155. If I don't save a work order immediately, will it auto save my data?

  156. If I have jobs that require two staff members, do i have to assign separate visits for them, or can I put both of them on the visit at the same time?

  157. If I want to create a work order but don't want to assign it yet, how do I keep track of that work order?

  158. If we have a customer with multiple city locations, can one person use the same email for both locations?

  159. If you do not Receive a Confirmation Code for Email to Ticket

  160. Import Options

  161. Importing Customers via csv

  162. Importing Price List via csv

  163. Importing QuickBooks Into mHelpDesk

  164. Importing Quickbooks to mHelpDesk - installation and running

  165. Include Priority in Appointment

  166. Integrate Google Calendar

  167. Integrate HomeAdvisor Pro Calendar

  168. Integrate With Microsoft Outlook Exchange via mHelpDesk

  169. Inventory Tracking

  170. Is there a way to bulk download work order PDFs?

  171. Is there any way to pull a report for Systems?

  172. Job Costing

  173. Live Chat and Email Support

  174. Logging Out of your Account

  175. Make or Add another Status to my Job

  176. Manage Admin Text Message Notifications

  177. Manage Customer Text Message Notifications

  178. Manage Staff Text Message Notifications

  179. MHD to QuickBooks tool: Application could not start error

  180. Modify Text Message Templates

  181. Modify Your Monthly Subscription

  182. Multiple Staff Members

  183. My customers are responding directly to their email notification, but it creates a new ticket.

  184. My invoice's QB status says "Not Sent", so why is there a "Last Sent to QB" date?

  185. My staff member isn't receiving any email notifications. (Upcoming Feature!)

  186. New Google Calendar 2 way sync

  187. No Disk in Drive D: error when importing to QB.

  188. Notes/Logs vs. Messages

  189. Offline Mode

  190. On the bottom where it says print, there is a print work order option and a work order pdf option. What is the difference?

  191. Opt Back into SMS

  192. Payment with ID ###### cannot be sent to QuickBooks because its invoice can no longer be found in QB. It may have been deleted. Please try to resync the invoice.

  193. Personalize the Language/Terminology Used

  194. Pricing

  195. Print Individual Custom Fields On Your Template

  196. Printing Centered / Correct Labels

  197. Problem description field is gone. What happened?

  198. Problems: Google Calendar Integration

  199. QB "ERROR: String Too Long"

  200. QuickBooks Desktop FAQ

  201. QuickBooks Error

  202. QuickBooks Online Export

  203. Rearrange Your Custom Fields

  204. Receiving Notifications For Work Orders/Jobs Generated via Email To Ticket

  205. Recurring Invoices

  206. Resources at mHelpDesk!

  207. Run Quickbooks Online Export

  208. Share with customer photos or info - help

  209. Show PO Numbers In Your Work Orders/Jobs

  210. Staff Permissions

  211. Template Layouts

  212. The "description" box in my ticket is gone. What happened?

  213. The "Ticket Details" Box and Description are missing. What Happened?

  214. There was an error modifying a Customers list, element "80000540-1280780174". Quickbooks error messages. Cannot merge list elements.

  215. Time and Materials Per Service Request

  216. Time Zones

  217. Track Staff via GPS

  218. Unit of Measurement and Part Number Columns on Estimates and Invoices

  219. Updating Billing in mHelpDesk

  220. Upfront Costs or Contracts

  221. Upload Your Logo

  222. Uploading Files to a Customer

  223. Uploading Files to a Work Order

  224. Use My Company Email Address as Sender (Reply-to-Email)

  225. View Appointments For Today Only

  226. View Customer Logs

  227. Viewing Your Emails Via Outlook

  228. Void Online Payments

  229. We have lots of drawings and PDFs we need to be able to attach to each work order. How do we do this?

  230. What are "business units"?

  231. What are "Contacts"?

  232. What are "Customer Terms"?

  233. What are "Customer Types"?

  234. What are "Customers"?

  235. What are "Email Notifications"?

  236. What are "Estimates"?

  237. What are "Reminder Rules"?

  238. What are "Templates"?

  239. What are "Transactions"?

  240. What are Custom Forms?

  241. What are the "Items to Service"?

  242. What are the reports mHelpdesk generate?

  243. What can I do or see in Offline Mode?

  244. What credit card terminals does Mhelpdesk integrate with?

  245. What Do I Do When I See a "Card Not Present" Error?

  246. What does Disarmed in the subject of emails sent from Support tickets mean?

  247. What does it mean when I get the error: "Oops! It looks like you haven't installed the latest Quickbooks tool yet."

  248. What does the "Messages" tab do?

  249. What does the "Product and Services" setting do?

  250. What does the "Team" tab do?

  251. What happens during the Quickbooks Export when an invoice has a customer I haven't added in Quickbooks yet?

  252. What is "Numbering"?

  253. What is a "Combined Invoice"?

  254. What is a "Custom Status"?

  255. What is a "Work Order"?

  256. What is a .csv file?

  257. What is an "Email Alert"?

  258. What is an "Email Log"? (Upcoming Feature!)

  259. What Is An Auto Update Rule?

  260. What is an Online Request Form?

  261. What is Offline Mode?

  262. What is the "Customer Web Portal"?

  263. What is the "Invoice"?

  264. What is the "Issue Type"?

  265. What is the "Online Scheduler" or "Online Booking"?

  266. What is the "Time Tracker"?

  267. What is the "Whitelist"?

  268. What payment processors does mHelpDesk integrate with?

  269. What Syncs with QB and MHD?

  270. When running the Quickbooks Import, what does error QWC1039 mean?

  271. When running the Quickbooks Import, what does error QWC1053 mean?

  272. When sending a message from MHD to my customer, how do I show the message in the email?

  273. When trying to sync my Google Calendar, it says "Invalid Credentials".

  274. Where Can I Track Time And Materials?

  275. Who are the users?

  276. Why are my invoice numbers not sorted in numerical order?

  277. Why Are Some Appointments Missing?

  278. Why can't I edit custom field types after I've created it?

  279. Why did the Service Location name disappear from my PDF?"

  280. Why does mHelpDesk Mobile V2 ask me for fitness and health data?

  281. Why don't service requests submitted online automatically assign to customers?

  282. Why is my calendar view blank?

  283. Why isn't my embedded online scheduler working in iOS or Safari?

  284. Why Switch from mHelpDesk Version 1 to Version 2?

  285. Will I be able to view in the mobile app, the filters I create in web?

  286. Will the Quickbooks Import bring in my Customers and Sub Contacts?

  287. Will your software allow the technician to view all previous inspection forms? How many years back can be saved?

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