The mHelpDesk Refer-a-Friend Program is mHelpDesk's customer referral program. It is open to all active mHelpDesk customers and for each qualified referral who completes a product demo of mHelpDesk, customers can receive a $50 gift card. Here's how it works: 

1. You share mHelpDesk: Invite friends, industry peers or anyone you know who would benefit from mHelpDesk and get the opportunity to receive a $50 gift card. 

To qualify, you must be an active customer, defined as having a paid subscription to mHelpDesk at the time the Qualified Referral is made and share mHelpDesk with a friend through our Referral Program Form (also accessible on our web app by clicking the Refer a Friend button).

When you get to the form, decide how you want to share mHelpDesk, whether via Email, Facebook Post, Facebook Messenger or by copying and sharing a unique link: 

  • To share via email: Enter in your friend’s email address and hit Send
  • To share via Facebook Post: Click Facebook, write a message and hit Post.
  • To share via Facebook Messenger: Click Messenger and click Launch Messenger, which will open up a Facebook window to share a message to friend or multiple friends.
  • To share via the unique link: Copy the unique Friendbuy link, which will start with (seen below) and paste it into an email to a friend, text message, chat message or wherever! 

Learn what constitues a Qualified Referral here.

2. Your friends learn about mHelpDesk: Referred friends will receive a unique link to sign up for a demo of mHelpDesk or an email with a link to sign up for a product demo. This is only if you complete our Referral Program Form here or within our web app, so make sure to do that!

3. You receive your reward: You'll receive an email with a $50 gift card for every Qualified Referral that completes a product demo of mHelpDesk after we determine you and your Qualified Referral meet the Terms and Conditions of our Referral program and those for mHelpDesk.

Ready to start referring friends? Get started here or click on the "Refer a Friend" button after you log into the mHelpDesk web app. 

Want to learn more about our Refer-a-Friend Program? View our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to

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