It is our mission to provide you with the right materials to get the most out of mHelpDesk. Here, you will find several template options for your Estimates, Invoices, and Jobs. Please note that each of the following templates includes an Estimate, Invoice, and Job Order. 

Check out our Template Library HERE

Instructions :

  1. Before selecting your template design, please make sure your company information and logo are uploaded into your mHelpDesk account (log into mHelpDesk > Settings > My Company).
  2. In the template library (, identify which design you like and click on the button that matches the template you’re updating (ie: Estimate, Job, Invoice). Copy all of the code that appears (Ctrl C).
  3. To replace your current template, click on Settings > Templates. Then select the template you just copied (Estimate PDF, Job PDF, or Invoice PDF). Click on “<>HTML” at the bottom of that template, select all of the text (Ctrl A), and delete it (<Backspace> or <Delete>).
  4. Then paste the copied code from the template library (Ctrl V) in the blank template that you deleted. Click the <SAVE> button.
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