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Using the Map Feature
Using the Map Feature

Track your jobs and your staff using mHelpDesk's Map feature

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Using mHelpDesk's map feature, you can see where your staff and your jobs are located all in one easy to read view!

First, let's turn it on!

First, turn the Map feature on by going to Settings > Other > Add-Ons (Screenshot A).

Turn on the Map & Geo-Tracking option (Screenshot B).

Take a look at your jobs!

Click on the Map tab on the left-hand side of your mHelpDesk screen (Screenshot C). To the left of the map, there are options for what you can view. At the top of that section, you will see two tabs--Job and Team.
Select Job to see the locations of your jobs on the map.

Click Un-Assigned (Screenshot C)  to view jobs that have not been scheduled or assigned yet.
Click ALL (Screenshot C) to view scheduled and unscheduled jobs.

Unscheduled jobs appear as a red pin on the map area. Scheduled jobs appear as a green pin. (Screenshot D)

Click on the downward-facing arrow next to the blue magnifying glass (Screenshot E) to sort or search for a particular job. Using this feature, you can search based on who the job is assigned to, when the appointment is, the job address, and/or any keywords associated with the job. Click Apply once you've selected all your criteria

Click on a job on the map or in the list to view more details. You can choose to assign additional crew members to that job in the Scheduling box.

Track your staff!

To the left of the map, click on the Team tab to view the location of your staff (Screenshot G).

Click on Home (Screenshot H) to view your staff's home location. Their home location can be added or updated in their staff profile.
Click on Location (Screenshot H) to view your staff's most recently updated location.

Click back to the Job tab again to view your jobs in reference to your staff's locations!

To learn more about tracking your staff's location, check out this article!

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