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Templated Item Groups

Create Estimates faster with templated item groups!

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Do you find yourself adding the same items to your estimates over and over again?
Item Groups can help you cut down the time you spend on estimates!

Item groups allow you to quickly add several items to your estimates, jobs, or invoices in one easy step.

First, let's set it up!

First, navigate to Settings > Lists > Price List (Screenshot A)

Click on the blue +Add button (Screenshot B)

Select the type Group from the Type dropdown list (Screenshot C)

Begin adding items to the group by selecting items from your price list (screenshot D)

Select how many hours or what quantity you would like to add for each item in the group (screenshot E)

When you have finished adding all the appropriate line items to this group, choose whether you'd like to show total or itemized pricing to the customer (screenshot F), then press Save.

Now let's see it in action!

In the mobile app, add it to an Estimate (screenshot G).

Search for the Item Group you created by Name (screenshot H) on the Add Item screen.

All items from that group appear instantly (screenshot I)

Now you'll be ready to send out your estimates in no time!

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