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Adding New User Licenses
Adding New User Licenses

Adding Additional Users to your Staff List

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Each mHelpDesk plan comes with a certain number of users. Once you have created active user profiles for every license your plan includes, you can purchase additional licenses to add even more users to your account!

Purchasing Additional Licenses

  • Click People (from left navigation), then click Staff to open your current Staff list.

Note: Inactive users do not take up any additional licences. Revoking access for a user will free up one user license 

  • Click Additional Users from the drop down menu to adjust how many additional users you want to add

Note: The Additional Users drop down displays how many users you have on your plan in addition to the number of users that come with the plan you purchased. (i.e. our Success plan comes with 10 users. The image below shows how to add 2 more users for a total of 12 users)

  • Click Next 

  • The new user license has been activated. 

  • Go back to your Staff page and click the blue Add+ button to create your new user profile!

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