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Email to ticket provides the ability to let your customers email job information to a dedicated email address and forward to your mHelpDesk account, automatically creating a job. The job will contain the content of the email in the description field of the job.

Start by first creating a dedicated email address which is solely for the purpose of receiving and forwarding job emails to your mHelpDesk account.

  1. Log into the web app as an Admin, click Settings > Other > Email to Ticket (Screenshot A)

2. Enter the email address you created for your Email to Ticket, click 'Save & Send Verification Code' (Screenshot B)

3. Check your email for the verification code and enter it in the field for Step 2. and click Submit (Screenshot C)

4. After you've entered the verification code, add to the list of forwarding addresses in your dedicated email

Important Note: If you are using Gmail as a host, there will be a secondary code that you will need to enter. You will receive another email with a confirmation code in which you will have to input into the verify field. (Screenshot D)

Inside the email, the highlighted text in this screenshot is where your code will be located. (Screenshot E)

After you input the confirmation code, check the box for Forward a copy of incoming mail to:, and then click Save Changes. (Screenshot F)

You're all set! Your Email to Ticket is set up, so any incoming mail will automatically be converted to a job with the details in the description.

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